New warehouse to boost health capacity

December 3, 2023 4:31 pm

Dr Atonio Lalabalavu

The recently completed pharmaceutical warehouse situated on Jerusalem Road in Suva, which is set to be operational this month represents a significant milestone for the Ministry of Health.

Minister Dr Atonio Lalabalavu sheds light on the challenges encountered in storing and refrigerating precious medicines and consumables, emphasizing the forthcoming warehouse as a valuable addition to the Ministry’s infrastructure.

The project, initiated last year and funded by the World Bank with a valuation exceeding $2 million.

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Dr Lalabalavu expresses optimism about the positive impact of the new facility on overcoming storage hurdles and ensuring a reliable supply of essential medical resources.

“The space is getting less thankful that a new one is about to be opened. And those issues will allow us to safely keep the drugs before we dispense them. We can’t dispensing the tempered or bad drugs to our facilities.”

Dr Lalabalavu also highlights strategic plans for further expansion, indicating the Ministry’s intent to establish an additional warehouse in the Northern Division.