New department for St. Giles patients

January 28, 2024 12:35 pm

St Giles Hospital

St Giles Hospital is setting up a new department dedicated to prioritizing patients’ needs based on the nature of their cases.

Amidst escalating number of admissions, the primary goal is to fast track patient recovery.

St. Giles Medical Superintendent Dr. Balram Pandit reveals that currently, all patients, regardless of the nature of their cases, receive general care.

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“They are all sitting together. So when you provide separate day too. When you give a separate day to them on that day that space will be especially designed and prepared for that group of population.”

He adds the new department will dedicate a day each for specific cases such as antidrug, forensic, substance abuse, and psychogenic patients.

Health Minister Dr. Atonio Lalabalavu emphasizes the importance of effectively addressing mental health issues of patients.

“So we believe that doing so, we’ll be able to look after the mental health issues on a broader scale, rather than it will just be a reactive phase where you see just only as a form of treatment.”

By prioritizing patients on a daily basis, the aim is to ensure timely and tailored attention to each individual, contributing to a more efficient healthcare system.