Nasautoka villagers urged to maximize land use for economic growth

January 10, 2024 6:29 am

Minister for Agriculture and Waterways Vatimi Rayalu

Minister for Agriculture and Waterways Vatimi Rayalu urges landowners in Nasautoka, Wainibuka and nearby areas to harness the full potential of their land for maximum agricultural production.

Speaking during the handover of livestock fencing materials to Nasautoka villagers, Rayalu emphasizes the importance of iTaukei utilizing their land for income-generating activities.

Rayalu highlights that the Agriculture Ministry is prepared to support landowners in their agricultural endeavours, underlining the significance of hard work and dedication to the land for economic gain.

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He encourages the local community to take advantage of the resources at their disposal, emphasizing that working on one’s land can be more financially rewarding than urban employment.

The Agriculture Ministry’s support extends beyond providing fencing materials, as it aims to foster a collaborative farming approach in Nasautoka.

Minister Rayalu urges villagers to work together, emphasizing that collective efforts would contribute to the overall progress of farming activities in the region.

The encouragement to maximize land use aligns with the government’s broader vision of promoting self-sufficiency, sustainable agriculture, and economic empowerment within local communities.

The Minister’s call to action seeks to empower Nasautoka landowners to take control of their economic destiny by tapping into the untapped potential of their land.