More Fijians to be recruited under the PALM scheme

August 14, 2022 8:00 am

An approved employer under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme, Seeka Australia Pty Ltd, is reaching out to Fiji for assistance in addressing its labor shortfall in the horticulture sector.

General Manager of Operations, Jonathan Van Popering and the People and Workforce Manager, Megan Pellegrino paid a courtesy call to the Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Osea Cawaru earlier this week.

Cawaru thanked the employer for making the effort to visit Fiji and meet the team in order to find potential Fijian workers for additional employment prospects in Australia’s horticulture sector.

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Pellegrino says the selected 60 Fijian workers will be working in fruit picking, packing, planting, and general labor on Kiwi fruit farms, Pear Orchards and other types of fruits that are in season.

Those with past expertise in the agricultural sector as well as those who are eager to learn have the correct attitude and are prepared to adjust to the new working environment are among the selection criteria used by Seeka.

The company is expected to recruit more registered Fijians in the near future as it expands its operations.