Ministry continues to counter terrorism efforts

April 23, 2024 12:17 pm

Second National Consultation Workshop attendees

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration will work with key agencies and international partners to finalize the Draft Counter Terrorism Strategy and Counter Terrorism Bill as per cabinet approval.

Speaking at the Second National Consultation Workshop, Deputy Secretary Sainitiki Ravuso highlighted the steps taken by the government to counter terrorism.

She says to tackle this issue, they will need partnerships from both domestic and international agencies.

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“This proactive approach taken by the government with the assistance of US, New Zealand, Australia and UNODC is to ensure that we are in a state of readiness, in terms of our four approaches on Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery in terms of Countering Terrorism and Violent extremism.”

Ravuso reiterates everyone plays a vital role to combat terrorism and violent extremists in all its forms in Fiji and the region.