Ministry to promote PEMAC studies

April 19, 2024 12:14 pm

Education Minister Viliame Gavoka

The Ministry of Education understands the crucial role physical education, music, and arts and crafts play in the holistic development of children and the education system.

While speaking in Parliament, Education Minister Viliame Gavoka highlighted that the ministry will provide equal opportunities for students to showcase their talents.

Gavoka reiterates that all heads of schools are constantly reminded about the importance of strengthening and maximizing the existing learning time allocated to PEMAC classes at both the primary and secondary school levels.

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“That means PMAC classes should be used to teach the skills in these subjects. The strengthening of PMAC also includes the allocation of medical resources for facilities and equipment and having qualified teachers.”

Gavoka stresses that restoring the multi-pronged community partnership approach is equally important.

The Minister emphasizes that the Ministry of Education will be working with local sports organizations and institutions to provide additional opportunities for students, which include teaching traditional arts like metal weaving, copper designing, traditional pottery making, and wood carving.