Ministry strengthens effort to revive artifacts

May 16, 2024 4:17 pm

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs’ Institute of iTaukei Language and Culture has strengthened its effort to revive artifacts that have been endangered or extinct.

This was highlighted by the institution’s Director, Emosi Caniogo at the “Renaissance of Pottery” exhibition at the University of Fiji yesterday.

He says this as the practice of cultural and traditional art has been forgotten or lost, especially among the younger generation of Fiji.

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Caniogo says the institutions’ culture revitalization programme has been effective, as they been able to revive the art of pottery around the country.

“In 2010, we did the revitalization of pottery in Tailevu. And I got the name from members of the community here. The name for that kuro is Qele Qeti Drega. Then in 2012, two years later, we had a revitalization program for Malake. And the latest we did in 2022 in Nadroga. The name of the pot is Lewavusu.”

Caniogo says their endeavour has been complemented by the cultural mapping programme.

“In the past years, the division has done the culture mapping program, in the 1172 villages. And we have completed it in 2021. And from the culture mapping program, we have identified artifacts that is no longer in the community, from traditional fishing net to pottery.”

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs’ Institute for iTaukei Language and Culture has conducted over 30 revitalization programs over the last decade.