Ministry rehabilitating livestock sector

May 10, 2022 12:10 pm

The Ministry of Agriculture is working on the rehabilitation of its livestock sector.

Minister Doctor Mahendra Reddy says the sector has been suffering over the years due to genetic attribute loss.

Dr Reddy says the sector has lost the original genetic traits during in-breeding and there are only a few farms that have the original breeds.

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“We, the Ministry of Agriculture, do hold original genetic material, but Mr. Speaker Sir, when it goes to the farm, then again, farmers who do not change the breeder for the breeder bull, breeder sheep, breeder goat, breeder foal, or breeder duck, lose genetic material.”

Dr Reddy says embryo transfer is a way to help get original breeds for our livestock sector.

“Embryo transfer is where you have developed fertilised egg into the embryo in a test tube. You bring it down and then you plant it in the receiver, in this case, it’s a cow and when it gets pregnant and gives both to the original breed of that particular animal.”

Dr Reddy says this program began in 2015 when embryos were brought from Australia through funding from the Australian government.

The Ministry is also working on completing a breeding centre, which is expected to be completed this year.