Minister anticipates surge in active farmers

January 13, 2024 7:30 am

Minister for Sugar Charan Jeath Singh has revealed positive indicators of a potential revival of the sugar industry.

Despite acknowledging a decline in active farmers from 300 to approximately 125, Singh expresses optimism about a resurgence, fueled by new initiatives and increased farmer interest.

The Minister attributed the renewed interest to competitive sugar cane prices, emphasizing that the government’s commitment to providing fair compensation has resonated positively with farmers.

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The payment of $91 per tonne of sugar in the last season has demonstrated that when farmers are adequately rewarded, they are more inclined to invest their efforts in cultivation.’

“Yes, definitely. I won’t give you a figure now, but yes, they can expect more in the coming season.”

Singh assured farmers that they could expect a more favourable price, signalling positive developments in the sugar market.

As Fiji looks to revitalize its sugar industry, Singh’s positive outlook and commitment to fair compensation provide a ray of hope for the agricultural sector.

The upcoming season of 2024 holds promise for increased participation, economic growth, and a resurgence of the once-thriving sugar industry.