M-PAiSA revolutionizes Fiji’s payment system

January 10, 2024 6:59 am

Vodafone, through its M-PAiSA platform, processed over six billion dollars worth of transactions last year.

Head of Vodafone eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Sailendra Prasad, says this indicates that M-PAiSA is no longer a small player in the market in terms of the financial system.

Prasad says M-PAiSA has revolutionized how payments are made in the country.

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He adds that the $6b last year includes a wide spectrum of payments and transactions.

“The transactions that I’m talking about are people sending money within Fiji, person-to-person money transfers, inward remittances, bill payments, QR payments, withdrawals, deposits, bank transfers, and even e-ticketing payments processed through the M-PAiSA platform. So all in all, if you look at all the payments and transactions that happen, that hand crossed the $6 billion mark, and that’s quite a sizable chunk.”

Head of Financial Technology Deepak Baran says they work with technology partners to ensure that the platform is up to par and is able to meet compliance and security requirements.

“So if you see what is happening abroad and what is happening in other markets, technology is evolving. So we ensure that we are able to bring in those technologies and reflect them within the M-PAiSA ecosystem.”

Baran says they continuously expand the platform, and we have ensured that it is secure.

He adds that they are working towards serving the customers’ demands to improve the experience.