LTA and NESCAFE promote safer driving

June 12, 2024 6:04 am

[Source: Land Transport Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

The Land Transport Authority and NESCAFE have launched the “Stop, Revive, Survive” road safety campaign for this month.

This initiative aims to raise awareness about the dangers of driver fatigue, a significant cause of road accidents and fatalities.

The “Stop, Revive, Survive” campaign encourages drivers to take regular breaks, particularly during long journeys, to reduce the risks linked to fatigue.

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LTA Acting Chief Executive Officer Irimaia Rokosawa stresses the importance of tackling driver fatigue as part of road safety efforts.

He states that the campaign’s goal is to educate drivers about the dangers of driving while tired and to provide the necessary resources for safe travel.

[Source: Land Transport Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

As part of the initiative, dedicated roadside resting spots will be established nationwide.

These spots offer drivers a safe and convenient place to take a break before continuing their journey.

To kick off the campaign, the first resting spot was set up last week at Kundan Singh Service Station along Princes Road in Suva and along Queens Road in Pacific Harbour and Nausori.

[Source: Land Transport Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

This week, roadside resting tents will be set up at Total Service Station along Victoria Parade from 9 am to 11 am tomorrow.

Similar resting stations will be set up in Korovou, Wainadoi and Lami next week. Nestle staff will be present at these spots, providing coffee to drivers who stop to rest and rejuvenate.

Rokosawa adds that these programs are dedicated to improving road safety through comprehensive awareness and education efforts.