Internal disciplinary action initiated against officers

May 9, 2024 10:20 am

Internal disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against officers based at the Valelevu Police Station for their conduct in handling a report against another police officer last week.

Chief of Operations ACP Livai Driu says the conduct of the two police officers, who were the subject of the viral video, is also being investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit.

ACP Driu says due processes will be followed, and upon the completion of the investigation, appropriate charges as per internal policies will be laid.

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He states they have also identified shortfalls in the handling of the matter, and these are being addressed through mentoring, training, and heightened monitoring of internal processes and procedures

The Chief of Operations adds they accept the criticisms leveled against the organization as a way of learning and are actively working on addressing these issues.

He stresses as an organisation, they are committed to rebuilding trust within communities and recognize that it starts from within.