Hibiscus festival likely to make a comeback

May 13, 2024 7:34 am

The mother of all festivals, the Hibiscus festival, is likely to return this year to the capital city after a lapse of five years.

When asked by FBC news, the Suva City Council Special Administrator Tevita Bosiewaqa highlighted this.

Boseiwaqa says that they have formed a committee looking to draft a framework to host the iconic festival.

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“So, the main purpose of that is to come up with a kind of a plan, more or less a frame to work on. And once we have a clear direction, then we’ll be inviting major stakeholders to the working committee to make things happen.”

Boseiwaqa says they look forward to their stakeholders’ cooperation in reviving this annual event.

The festival is usually hosted during the second term school holidays in August and is one of the longest-running festivals.

It was put on hold due to the pandemic, amongst other issues.

The hibiscus festival features public parades involving contestants vying to be crowned as the King Contestant, Queen Contestant, Lady Contestant, and, for the younger set, Teen Contestant, Prince, and Princess.

The last time the festival was held was in 2018.