Increase noted in Cancer cases

February 7, 2024 12:07 pm

[File Photo]

There has been a general increase in most types of cancer in Fiji in the last decade.

This was highlighted by the Head of Wellness at the Ministry of Health, Dr Devina Nand.

She says that there are many types of cancers across the globe and also in Fiji as well.

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Nand highlights that throughout this month month they will be focusing on themes such as adult cancer, childhood cancer, sink and oral.

“So that is improving the people’s knowledge around cancers, the different types of cancers that we need to focus on this year.”

Dr Nand states that individuals need to start prioritizing their health because the health of the nation beginnings with every individual.

She is urging the public to look after what they consume daily, highlighting that everything is good but in moderation.