Increase in drug admissions at St. Giles Hospital

May 16, 2024 3:00 pm

Admissions to St. Giles Hospital for drug and substance abuse has increased significantly with 103 cases recorded in January alone.

Speaking during the National Talanoa Session on Responding to Illicit Drugs in Fiji Symposium Hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr Balram Pandit says when compared to previous years they used to record on average 20 to 30 patients per month.

Dr Pandit says the top three substances are marijuana, methamphetamine and alcohol.

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Dr Balram Pandit

He adds that these are the inpatients however this number could increase if they include outpatients.

“If you look at March and April the figure is between 50 to 100. If you look at the substance that is more common this year is cannabis, meth and then alcohol.”

Dr Pandit emphasizes the importance of early intervention, noting that many patients seek hospital treatment only when severely affected by drugs.