Educational aid for 100 children

January 5, 2024 12:25 pm

A lot of children need educational assistance just to ease some of the burdens that each family goes through who has kids with rheumatic heart disease.

This was highlighted by Heart Heroes Fiji Manager Erini Tokarua at the Damodar Cinemas Stationery Drive yesterday.

She says not everyone is financially stable to look after their children who have rheumatic heart disease, so this assistance will assist those families in need.

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Heart Heroes Fiji Manager Erini Tokarua

Tokarua says that this assistance will help 100 schoolchildren in primary and secondary in the Northern, Central, and Western divisions.

“It was just having us to be able to identify children who actually need some form of assistance. Yes, we have government assistance, but for our own children living with RHD, Heart Heroes Damodar is coming together and building on our community.”

The Chief Executive of Damodar Cinemas, Div Damodar, says that they are happy to take on such initiatives and help children with back-to-school needs in the country who are battling RHD.

He says that they will be working on more initiatives like this.

Damodar’s advice to children is to always take care of their health and wellbeing.