Cancer is treatable: Dr Tudravu

February 5, 2023 12:50 pm

Chief Medical Adviser, Doctor Jemesa Tudravu.

The majority of cancers in Fiji are treatable.

Chief Medical Adviser, Doctor Jemesa Tudravu highlighted this at the World Cancer Day – Landmark Lighting at the Grand Pacific Hotel last night.

Dr Tudravu says these cancers are treatable and patients can be remitted from the disease.

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“However, the good news is that cancers that make up the bulk of cancers we find in Fiji are treatable, and treatable into remission so that those who get them can continue to live – once treated – a disease free productive life with their loved ones in their communities if we get them diagnosed and treated early.”

Dr Tudravu says it is estimated that more than 1000 cancer cases are diagnosed in Fiji each year.

He says it is also estimated that cancer accounts for 13.5% of all premature NCD deaths in Fiji.

Dr Tudravu says the common cancer cases were prostate, liver and colorectal cancers in males, and breast, cervix and uterus cancers in females.

The Chief Medical Adviser is urging people to present themselves early if they notice any symptoms of cancer, in order for health professionals to detect the disease at early stages and provide appropriate treatment.