Health services under the pump

March 21, 2023 12:41 pm

The Ministry of Health is concerned with the accumulating backlog of cases in all divisions post COVID-19.

This has been highlighted by Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s medical superintendent, Doctor Luke Nasedra.

He has told FBC News that these patients are now coming in and booking their surgeries, which is causing delays in their current operations.

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These are mostly those who did not have the required treatment during the pandemic.

Doctor Nasedra says they have an enormous task trying to catch up with the waiting list.

“People are attending clinic, people are booking care like surgeries, and that is also one area of concern because we have people whose care was delayed because of COVID, so now we have an enormous task of trying to catch up with the waiting list.”

Doctor Nasedra adds the teams are extending their operating hours to clear the backlog of cases and surgeries.