Harvesting license transfer brings economic relief to villagers

January 24, 2024 2:46 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

Muani villagers in Kadavu are set to distribute $800,000 following the transfer of their Pine Harvesting license.

Expressing relief, Muani Pine Scheme Representative Uate Naua conveyed gratitude to the Coalition government specifically the Fisheries Minister Kalaveti Ravu for spearheading transformative opportunities that have significantly impacted their lives.

The license now granted to Fiji Pine Trust empowers villagers to commence Pine harvesting.

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In support of this endeavour, the government has provided a four-wheel drive and a bulldozer to facilitate the harvesting process.

Emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the Pine Harvesting scheme, the government has enlisted the services of a harvesting company, Burning Bush Pte Ltd and Genesi Shipping, a barge company to aid in the harvesting and transportation of Pine from Kadavu.

The event also included the distribution of coconut seedlings and lime plants aligning with the Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry’s ambitious 30 million trees initiative over a 15-year period.

As part of sustainable practices, landowners have been encouraged to cultivate more pine on their degraded land with Fiji Pine Trust taking responsibility for replanting the harvested areas.

Pine scheme owners in Kadavu are also urged to provide consent to Fiji Pine Trust for the harvesting of matured Pine Forests.