Fund your own funeral expenses: Waqairawai

February 18, 2024 12:04 pm

The Fiji National Provident Fund is encouraging its members to fill out the Memorandum of Administration form in order to help their family members and relatives pay for funeral costs.

Member Service General Manager Alipate Waqairawai pointed out that FNPF offers its members a death benefit of $8500, of which $2000 is deducted and released in a day or two to allow for funeral plans.

Waqairawai made the call in response to concerns raised about the sufficiency of the special death benefit provided by the fund.

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“The question about the funeral, the cost is too low. We understand that, but the answer we normally give out is, what we give out is supposed to start the funeral and all the relatives and what not will put in to fund the rest of the funeral expenses. We’ll just releasing that amount to fund the start of the expenses of the funeral, not to fund the full funeral expenses. ”

In response to issues raised by the High Court’s financial collection process, Waqairawai recommended that members revise their Memorandum of Nomination.

He clarifies that if there isn’t a legitimate nomination, the money will be transferred via a probate action to the High Court.