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Former pilot facing murder charge denies killing partner

June 5, 2018 1:10 am

A former pilot facing a murder charge denied in the Suva High court today that he had struck his de-facto partner with an iron rod with such severe force that caused her death in Rewa Street, Samabula Suva nine years ago.

It’s alleged that on November 3rd, 2009, Imshaad Izraar Ali murdered his de-facto partner, a kindergarten teacher, Rajeshni Sharma at her residence.

Ali who continued testifying also denied that he kicked Sharma on her face or strangled her with a kettle cord.

The prosecution is alleging that on 1st November between 9 to 11pm Ali and Sharma had an argument, and then Ali allegedly struck her with an iron rod.

Ali said that on that day they had gone to bed early as he had to leave for Nadi early in the morning.

He said that on the 3rd November he was in Nadi and was notified by a parent that the school ran by Sharma was not open.

Ali said he had also tried contacting Sharma, however, he was not able to get in touch with her.

He said he got worried and while on his way from Nadi he called the Samabula Police station.

Ali said he got keys from the care taker and went to the house on Rewa Street where the body was discovered.

He also said that there were three versions of the caution interview. He said two were his, however, the third caution interview was fabricated.

Ali also maintained in court that he was assaulted by police officers on 12th November at the Nabua Police station.

He maintained that he was assaulted and told to strip. Ali said that his nude photos were also taken. He said while in custody he was not given any mattress, pillows, blankets and medical attention.

The defence and prosecution closed their case this morning. The two counsels are currently giving their closing submissions.