Fire at DeVos on the Park prompts warning from NFA Chief

February 9, 2024 9:40 am

The National Fire Authority’s preliminary investigation report indicates that the fire at  DeVos on the Park along Stinson Parade in the Suva Central Business District was accidental.

The incident happened on Wednesday night.

There was no major damage and all the occupants of the hotel were safely evacuated.

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NFA Chief Executive Puamau Sowane says potentially, a gas stove was left unattended and a frying pan full of oil overheated, causing flames in the frying pan.

Sowane says one of the employees panicked and tried to flush it with water.

The fire then travelled through the chimney and damaged the exhaust fan on the sixth floor of the hotel.

Sowane is reiterating his call that all businesses should have their employees trained by NFA commercial trainers on proper fire extinguishment methods.

The NFA investigation also reveals that the building was undergoing renovation with an expired fire compliance certificate.

Sowane says the tenants stopped NFA inspectors from inspecting the building for compliance.

The NFA Chief is warning all business owners and commercial building owners that they have the power to inspect their building and ensure that they comply with the National Building Code of Fiji.

He stresses that if anyone is non-compliant they have the authority to issue a notice of closure.

He says the Authority is stepping up its compliance checks with businesses as empowered under legislation to minimize commercial and industrial fires.

Sowane says they are strengthening their Structural Fire Safety inspection activity on commercial and industrial buildings.