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Fijians brace for effects of TD

December 15, 2016 12:05 am

FBC News has spoken to many living in low lying areas who are all preparing for the worst.

Light rain is being experienced in the Mamanuca Islands with no strong winds.
Rain and wind is being experienced in Sigatoka and along the coast.

There was flooding at Lepanoni Village along the coast this morning.

Villager, Seini Savou says they have begun moving to higher ground.

In Rakiraki, water levels have surpassed the alert level, prompting a flood alert for low lying areas adjacent to Rakiraki Town.

Dugapatu resident Vikash Lal says rain has stopped, however a few places are flooded from the heavy rains experienced throughout the night.

“Last night it was heavy rain and some of the rivers have been flooded. In Raiwasa and Korotale the bridges are under water, and the town at the moment is not flooded but the water is halfway up the bridge.”

Lal says like him, many in his area experienced TC Winston and the current weather conditions have got them scared.

“Myself, I’m very scared because last time my house was blown away and I’ve just recently repaired it so I’m hoping the cyclone doesn’t come. And people here have not yet made their house because they can’t find the materials and some of the people they’re still staying in tents so it’s very hard.”

Meanwhile, in Suva rain remains heavy along the Suva – Nausori Corridor.
Flood road signs have been installed along Nabua.

FBC News reporter Meli Tavaga is at Waivou Village in Rewa and files this report.

“In Waivou village, in Rewa, right now five households have been evacuated since their houses have been flooded and they have been requested to move to the community hall. The community hall is now one of the evacuation centres that are now being activated to cater for the Wavou and other nearby communities.”

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