Fiji THRIVE targets MSMEs

March 16, 2023 4:06 pm

BSP Financial Group Limited, in partnership with Australian Business Volunteers, today launched Fiji THRIVE, a co-designed business development program for locally-owned businesses.

The first phase of the program provides training and mentoring to 25 business entrepreneurs over the coming six months to equip them with skills and build the foundation that they need for future business growth.

The Programs ultimate goal is to reach Micro Small and Medium Enterprises across Fiji through a multi-year partnership between BSP Fiji and ABV.

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BSP relieving Country Head Maikash Ali says this is the latest programme under the BSP Group’s partnership with ABV.

“Today marks a very special occasion for BSP as we are here to celebrate the launch of an initiative that we believe will address the challenges many MSME businesses face in the areas of strength and capacity building, With our partners, the ABV and the British High Commission, and with the assistance and support of the government of Fiji, we envision that this programme will provide these SME businesses with valuable knowledge that will develop their capacity to manage their businesses more efficiently, effectively, and grow in the future.”

The program sees a collaboration between BSP, ABV, and the British High Commission with endorsement from the government, which is an excellent example of a public-private partnership.

The MSME Development Program, known as Fiji THRIVE, will engage local entrepreneurs in a 12-month program of coaching, mentoring, and on-site training from ABV Skilled Business Professionals with funding support from BSP and the British High Commission.