Climate Change

Fiji secures funding for climate negotiations training

June 18, 2024 12:25 pm

Fiji through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has secured about $280,000 from the Climate Ambition Support Alliance Opportunity Fund for climate change negotiations training and participation in COP29.

Dr. Sivendra Michael, Permanent Secretary, emphasizes the Pacific region’s active engagement in climate negotiations as crucial for survival, global advocacy, resource access, Indigenous knowledge sharing, and strategic alliances.

He stresses their unique perspective in the global climate change dialogue.

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With CASA funding, five civil servants from Fiji and five Masters Students’ from Pacific countries at the Institute of Climate Indigenous Knowledge, Pacific Theological College, will undergo climate change negotiations training.

These participants, including 50% women and at least 20% youth from Fiji and other Pacific nations, will collaborate closely with their governments to enhance their readiness for COP29.

CASA funding also covers travel expenses for these participants to attend COP29.

Training sessions will be held at the Institute for Climate Indigenous Knowledge on the Pacific Theological College campus.

Reverend Dr. Tafue Lusama, a theologian and climate justice advocate, expresses joy over their CASA funding approval, noting this initiative will empower them to influence the global climate agenda through targeted training.

Following the training, participants will actively support their delegations in advancing negotiations, including setting new climate finance goals, enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions, and promoting a fair transition away from fossil fuels.

CASA, funded by the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, aims to support developing country negotiators in effectively engaging in international climate change negotiations and implementing transformative actions to address climate impacts and risks.