Fiji, NZ set goals

June 6, 2024 12:16 pm

New Zealand PM, Christopher Luxon (left), Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka [Source: New Zealand High Commission, Suva, Fiji/ Facebook]

Fiji and New Zealand have set a goal of lifting two-way trade to two billion dollars by 2030.

This was revealed after Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka met with his New Zealand counterpart Christopher Luxon during their bilateral talks in Suva this morning.

A joint statement by the two leaders highlighted areas of alignment in Fiji and New Zealand’s world views and set ambitious goals for future cooperation.

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“We do see a great pathway forward between our two countries and requires more economic development between our two countries. From NZ’s perspective Fiji is a significant trading partner for us, its our 24th biggest trading partner.”

Luxon says Fiji is a critical partner for New Zealand and he looks to Fiji for its leadership in the Pacific, adding the two countries share values and interests, and work closely together on the challenges confronting the region.

The NZ PM says with two-way trade currently worth nearly $1.4 billion they are building on a strong foundation but adds there remains significant opportunity for growth that will benefit both countries.

“And together we have to clear them and ask our countries to strive to deliver $2 billion worth of trade by 2030. And that’s why it’s so exciting to have the big Fiji New Zealand business councils with us on this journey. Because having spent time with them last night you can see the enthusiasm that they have for developing their economic relationship much much further as well. And to see an incredible business like we saw this morning with Tower Insurance actually, that has trailblazing a world class organization here in Suva, partnering NZ company doing a great job, 300 employees and doing fantastic work we want to see more of this result . So I just want to say the Prime Minister, thank you again for the friendship, thank you for the partnership together with two great countries for huge amounts of potential and another great work together in the Pacific.”

Luxon also announced funding for several other initiatives in Fiji through New Zealand’s International Development Cooperation programme, including a further NZ$3.6 million to Fiji’s Climate Relocation of Communities Trust Fund.

There is also a funding of NZ$572,000 for an upgrade to the High Temperature Forced Air (HTFA) Facility at Nadi International Airport alongside Australia, to help Fijian horticultural exporters meet New Zealand’s strict biosecurity requirements.

There is a NZ$15.3 million aid for a New Zealand Plant and Food Research-led programme to support farmers in five Pacific countries, including Fiji, to adapt to the impacts of climate change on production.

A further NZ$7.5 million is for the Government of Fiji’s economic reform programme, which is focused on improving fiscal management and sustainability, and economic resilience.