Fiji Navy continues to grow

November 22, 2022 3:10 pm

[Photo: Republic Of Fiji Navy / Facebook]

The Fiji Navy has grown significantly since its inception in 1975.

Navy Commander, Commodore Humphrey Tawake says the Force has grown from its humble beginnings, to nearly 450 personnel with a fleet of five vessels.

“Our capabilities, in terms of the fleet is there but we are trying to grow slowly in that area. But we are using technology to supplement the gaps that we have in terms of the maritime security challenges that we have. Holistically, we’ve made that progress from the foundations that were laid for nearly 50 years.”

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Commander Tawake acknowledged the unwavering support from families and other organizations that has helped the Fiji Navy achieve its goals over the years.

The Fiji Navy was founded on July 25th, 1975, to carry out coastal state requirements such as policing our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) maritime boundary and the exclusive sovereign rights to use, manage, and protect ocean resources on and beneath the oceans.