Fiji and Samoa meet to tackle talent drain

April 10, 2024 3:52 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

The troubling pattern of professionals leaving Fiji and Samoa is one of the major topics of discussion during the meeting between Fiji and the Samoa Public Service Commission.

The meeting that was held in Suva today, facilitated through the Fale program, aimed to provide tailored support initiatives to Pacific Public Service agencies.

PSC Chair Luke Rokovada highlighted that discussions revolved around key challenges faced by both Fiji and Samoa, with a primary focus on developing strategies to attract and retain skilled officers, a concern shared by both countries amidst the migration of professionals overseas seeking better opportunities.

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Rokovada says these professionals, including teachers, nurses, doctors, auditors, and finance officers, are leaving Fiji and Samoa, and there is a need to address this trend.

The meeting also explored the pivotal roles of the Public Service Commissions and Permanent Secretaries in effective management and leadership within their respective public services.

The commitment to engage with other Pacific Public Service Commissions to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices was reaffirmed by PSC Chair Rokovada.

This collaborative effort aims to bolster the integrity of public service institutions across the Pacific region.