Fiji Airways commits to women leadership

March 8, 2024 2:36 pm

[Source: Fiji Airports]

In celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, Fiji Airways has announced a comprehensive plan to forge a more inclusive environment for women.

The National Airline has today committed itself to implementing an Inclusion Action Plan designed to identify and mentor women for future growth and leadership roles within the company.

The initiatives include giving preference to women for all future recruitment and/or promotions provided they meet the minimum competency requirements for the role.

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All recruitment and or promotion panels at Fiji Airways going forward will include one or more women.

By the end of 2026; Fiji Airways wants the ratio of Chiefs be at least 40% women, the ratio of Executive Managers to be 50% women, Senior Managers to be 50% and Managers to increase from 40 to 50%.

To assist with these commitments Fiji Airways will select 20 high potential women, and five men to undergo an intensive two to three year Systemic Leadership Development program.

The Airline says 50 top employees selected on initial criteria will undergo a more extensive selection screening such as Psychometric tests, and in depth professional Enneagram Assessments et cetera.

Chief Executive Andre Viljoen says the National Airline thrives because of the diverse talents, perspectives, and dedication of its women employees.

Viljeon says he wants all his female colleagues to know that their talents, ideas, and leadership are not just valued but they are essential.