Farmers insisted to monitor crop and livestock

March 27, 2024 6:21 am

[File Photo]

The Agriculture Ministry is urging farmers to remain vigilant amidst escalating weather conditions.

With a looming threat of floods, farmers are being cautioned to proactively safeguard their crops and livestock.

Livestock farmers inhabiting flood-prone regions are being advised to relocate their animals to higher ground while those cultivating crops are urged to salvage produce from vulnerable areas vulnerable to flooding.

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The Ministry stresses the importance of securing planting materials to ensure they remain viable post-flooding.

Farmers are instructed to relocate machinery and implements away from flood-prone zones and to reinforce livestock shelters.

Continued monitoring of crops and farmland in flood-prone areas is strongly advocated by the Ministry to mitigate potential losses once waters recede.

Farming communities are advised to exercise caution around culverts and other waterways formed by floods, emphasizing the need to keep family members and animals clear of such hazards.

The Ministry emphasizes the criticality of heeding weather forecasts from the Fiji Meteorological Services and following precautionary measures to minimize losses from flash floods.

Fijians have also been urged to refrain from crossing flooded rivers, creeks, and drains and to prioritize safety above all else.