Farmers face climate crisis

March 22, 2024 12:59 pm

[File Photo]

The Agriculture Ministry reveals that food security and economic stability is under threat due to climate change.

Permanent Secretary Dr Andrew Tukana says with 92,000 farmers, they are ensuring food availability remains a priority, however, adverse weather, soil degradation, and rising costs make farming tougher.

Dr Tukana adds to tackle these issues, the Ministry has developed a five-year strategic plan.

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“Number one is to the development and adoption of climate-smart agriculture. Number two is the diversification of crops and livestock. Number three is capacity building and education for our farmers and our rural population. Number four is developing relevant and appropriate policies and policy support.”

Dr Tukana says with climate change affecting farming, adopting resilient practices is crucial.

He adds this approach helps farmers adapt to changing conditions and ensures sustainable food production.