Empowering youth action through collaboration

January 21, 2024 7:36 am

More than 20 youths from different organizations were part of the Youth Talanoa Session organized by Bula Pulse Youth Network in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Youth Council on Friday.

Bula Pulse Youth Network Executive Committee Member Avikesh Kumar says this is an opportunity for youths to unite, support each other, and work collaboratively to address the challenges they face.

“So today’s event is basically just a space where we have created to allow young people to come in and have a conversation about what are the projects they wanted to do, what are the challenges they are facing, the resource they are needing and also just creating a space for collaboration on how they can use each other and work together to implement projects and activities within their communities”.

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The Talanoa Session emphasizes the need for proactive outreach for young people to connect and tap into the knowledge and support available from various organizations.

William Qounadovu of Mama Ashy Project says this safe space is a good step in supporting the youth.

“It’s a great opportunity for us youths where we can come into a safe space where we express the issues that we face in our community, and how we can together as a group, can work together in addressing the issues that everyone faces”.

Fiji Teachers Association Youth Wing representative, Kelera Naqesa stresses the power of connecting with grassroots organizations and providing vital information.

“This is a very effective program especially youths in the grassroots level, this with organizations in grassroots level and that’s where the problems are, and if we can target these youth groups, empower them with information, create a network for them where they can talk about issues that affect them, come up with solutions and strategies, be strategic then we should be able to solve a lot of problems”.

During the discussion, participant needs were addressed and support was secured from various organizations and individuals.

Among the participants are the Veitacini Youth Club youths, Young Leaders, Rainbow Pride Foundation, Pacific Grow, Welagi Youth Club, Fijian Teachers Association Youth Wing, Rara Youth Club, Strumphet Alliance Network, and Mama Ash Project.