USP Council will have the final decision

November 27, 2023 4:44 pm

USP staff protesting outside Japan ICT this morning

The future of the University of the South Pacific Vice Chancellor lies with the USP Council.

This has been reiterated by the USP management in a statement.

USP says, as stated several times previously, the Vice-Chancellor’s relocation is decided by the Council.

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It says the institution, as always, supports union rights and acknowledges that a peaceful protest is within its ambit.

However, USP remains hopeful that, through USP Management, they can continue to have discussions with the Association of the University of the South Pacific Staff about their grievances and follow proper channels to meet their demands until an amicable solution is reached.

Meanwhile, AUSPS President Elizabeth Read Fong claims that Vice-Chancellor Professor Pal Ahluwalia’s contract should end by December 31st.

She hinted that the Vice Chancellor has already turned 65, which is the institution’s retirement age.

“He also turns 65 at the beginning of the year. The university policy is that when you turn 65, you work until December 31st, so there is a post-retirement thing, but he has put that on hold, so one policy applies to everybody.”

The staff wants Pal out; they are asking for pay adjustments, among other things.