Threefold increase in teacher resignation

March 30, 2024 12:34 pm

[File Photo]

The Education Ministry has disclosed a concerning trend with a threefold increase in teacher resignations, raising concerns about the stability of staffing within schools.

While an average of close to 60 teachers resigned each month last year, shockingly, within the first two months of this year, a staggering 266 teachers have resigned.

Therefore, the Ministry along with initiatives such as teacher regularization and salary enhancements for eligible educators, they are actively exploring alternative strategies to retain their staff.

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Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca highlights proactive engagement with final-year university students.

“It’s a big number we’re looking at now engaging student’s very good students in their final year of teacher training to come and to enter the school system. So we’re working very closely with the FTRA on how we can do this.”

Kuruleca stresses the need for quality education, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right people rather than compromising standards.

“We’ve also continued to engage those who have left the ministry of education for various reasons including the no job no job. Those who have re-entered those who have re -tired at 55 and want to re -enter we’re also accommodating.”

As more teachers depart for greener pastures, the Ministry is working to find good ways to keep teaching going well in Fiji’s schools.