Scholarships to focus on human capital development

August 17, 2022 12:33 pm

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Service is engaging stakeholders to ensure scholarship allocation for the Technical, Vocational and Education Training is aimed at boosting local human capital.

Minister for Education, Premila Kumar while speaking at the TSLS workshop says they hope to meet the demand for human capital in our local sectors.

“Awards and scholarships are given for a particular purpose and that is really to build our human capacity or workforce so that we can develop a better Fiji for all of us.”

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Kumar says the revision will allow TSLS to work with Universities in aligning certain offered programs to meet local workforce demand.

“When it comes to staff recruitment and particularly for scholarships and awards offered by TSLS. TSLS criteria can be very different from what universities offer or how they recruit students.”

Hundreds of kindred spirits and stakeholders gathered in Suva yesterday to participate in a TSLS workshop and help map the way forward in boosting our human capital.