QVS acting Head of School suspended

August 9, 2022 4:50 am

[Photo: Queen Victoria School / Facebook]

The Ministry of Education has suspended the acting Head of School of Queen Victoria School.

The suspension comes following allegations of misconduct by the Acting Head of School.

The Ministry says this will allow for an independent inquiry into allegations made against him.

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The Ministry confirms in such cases it is normal to suspend staff to prevent the alleged from potentially influencing the investigation process.

Based on the preliminary investigation, the Permanent Secretary for Education, has asked the Vice Principal to look after the day-to-day affairs of the school.

Permanent Secretary Doctor Anjeela Jokhan, as the Manager of the School, will carry out the necessary tasks as well.

The Ministry also informs the public that the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of the school has no role to play in the administration of the school.

It says when the Head of School was suspended, necessary arrangement was made to ensure learning and teaching is not affected.

The Ministry expects Filimoni Vosarogo as the President of PTFA to act responsibly at a time when students are sitting for the Mid-Year Examination.

The Ministry states that Vosarogo caused unnecessary anxiety amongst parents and students by sending a note about the suspension.

The Permanent Secretary is urging the Association to refrain from engaging in administrative matters of the school.