FTA confident in securing majority vote for proposed strike

June 13, 2024 4:25 pm

[File Photo]

The Fijian Teachers Association is confident it will secure a 51 percent majority vote from its members during the ongoing secret ballot process to proceed with a proposed strike.

General Secretary Paula Manumanunitoga says they are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Employment.

Manumanunitoga has expressed optimism and outlined plans for the potential industrial action.

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Manumanunitoga informed FBC News that teachers, who have long sought a pay raise, are firmly behind the industrial action.

The Ministry of Employment has a 21-day period to respond to the FTA’s request, a timeframe that coincides with the announcement of the National Budget.

Manumanunitoga emphasized the significance of the timing but reiterated that the strike could proceed irrespective of the budget’s outcomes.

“If, after the budget is announced, we are not happy about the budget, and remember, once we get that approval, it will be valid for six months. Once we get that approval and the mandate from our members, according to law, that’s valid for six months.”

The Fijian Teachers Association, alongside the Fiji Teachers Union, is demanding a 30 percent pay increase and improved working conditions for teachers.

The unions have been advocating for pay raises since the tenure of the Bainimarama government.