Education Ministry supports swimming programs

February 6, 2024 11:57 am

[File Photo]

Certain schools around the country, particularly urban schools, are carrying out swimming programs for students.

Permanent Secretary, Selina Kuruleca highlights that heads of schools are required to make an application to seek approval from the Ministry.

While stressing on the importance of this life-saving exercise, Kuruleca adds that students going to swimming programs must also have the consent of their parents.

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“Yes, and a lot of our rural and urban children are surrounded by the sea. But again, when we’re talking about swimming lessons, you need to be talking about instructors who will be there to supervise and take them through the swimming program.”

This year, a four-year-old and a seven-year-old drowned in Tuvuca Waters in Lau Group as the fibreglass boat they were travelling in capsized.