Career teachers need to be up to par: Jokhan

November 10, 2022 4:20 pm

Students at the career expo at USP [File Photo]

The Permanent Secretary for Education, Doctor Anjeela Jokhan, says they have seen a constant problem with students coming into programs with the wrong qualifications and the wrong background subject combinations.

She was speaking at the Tertiary Scholarship and Loan Services Principals and Career Teachers workshop today.

Jokhan claims that during her time at university, when they went on these promotion tours, they frequently discovered that their career teachers were not up to date on the most recent program requirements information.

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Permanent Secretary for Education, Doctor Anjeela Jokhan

The PS is also urging teachers not to use old calendars.

“Use the most recent information which is on all three universities’ websites. Use those to guide your students into the right programs. Be bold enough to tell them that they can’t enter a program because they don’t have the right subjects. We must always guide our students to help them succeed and never ever set them up for failure.”

Jokhan says as students gear up for the whole new year ahead of them in secondary schools, they will be setting their own pathways to fulfil their ambitions and dreams.

She is urging teachers to pass on reliable career information to these students.