Bridging the education gap amongst iTaukei

May 16, 2024 4:25 pm

[File Photo]

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs is working with provincial councils, to bridge the education gap among iTaukei students.

Speaking during the Inaugural Provincial Education Forum program, Assistant Minister for iTaukei Affairs Isikeli Tuiwailevu highlights that the program aims to evaluate a strategic plan to assist indigenous students in completing and excelling in their education.

Tuiwailevu states that the Education Forum will focus on the seven pillars of iTaukei education, indicating a holistic approach to addressing the challenges faced by iTaukei students in their educational journey.

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“Awareness of higher education opportunities, scholarship of loan scheme awareness, bridging of skills gap and postgraduate qualification.”

The Assistant Minister emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of children’s education to ensure their success.

Tailevu Education Committee Chair Dr Akanisi Kedrayate emphasizes the need for understanding the context of iTaukei children to effectively support them.

“This age is a digital age of education, a digital age of time, and so we need to know, you know, what is it that interests them, what is it that we can do to help them.”

The collaboration between the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and the Provincial Council reiterates the commitment to improve educational outcomes for iTaukei students which aims to empower them to excel in their education and contribute significantly to society.