Back to school rush

February 5, 2023 8:10 am

[File Photo]

The Capital City was buzzing yesterday with parents and guardians doing back-to-school shopping.

Parents continue to acknowledge the government’s assistance of $200 per child which allows them to better prepare for back to school.

People were lining up as shops were crowded, and as for Sera Baterarerega, she says she wants her son to have everything available before she sends him to boarding school.

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“I’m just here to do the shopping for my son and he has all the supplies before he goes to boarding school”

Amelia from Sigatoka says the capital city looked a lot busier than usual, and she has thanked the government for the timely assistance.

“He’s in town right now and its a good the what the government has done for the people of Fiji, for helping us with the back to school shopping.”

Students will resume classes tomorrow.