Education ministry takes action to address drugs issue

April 19, 2024 4:34 pm

Assistant Minister for Education, Iliesa Vanawalu

The Education Ministry is working with the National Substance Abuse and Advisory Council to draft the Volatile Substance Abuse Act 2024.

Assistant Minister for Education Ministry, Iliesa Vanawalu, says the drug regulation is currently in the workflow of circulation and, once adopted, will provide more power to our teams and stakeholders.

Vanawalu says the possibility of penalties and the threat of prosecution will act as an additional deterrent to those peddling drugs and using inhalants.

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He adds that the Education Ministry is responsible for the harm reduction component.

“The harm reduction, on the other hand, involves the provision of psychological support through counselling, mentoring, and service to students, as well as to our parents, who are in our beloved nation.”

Gavoka says a task force will be set up to develop a framework that will target use in an age-appropriate manner.

He adds that they are also having dialogue with the Home Affairs Ministry to eradicate the issue.

The Education Minister says they have legislation and policies in place to guide teachers in school on procedures to follow and discipline students involved in any drug-related issues.