Drug seizures highlight the rife in trade

March 7, 2024 7:07 am

The increasing number of drug seizures highlights the rife change in the dynamics of the trade of white and green drugs alike.

Attorney General Siromi Turaga says the penalties are there; however, the government is seeking a comprehensive and lasting solution, not a temporary fix.

Turaga highlights that there are a lot of institutional issues that need to be managed when it comes to addressing the escalating drug issues.

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According to the Attorney General, a multifaceted and strategic approach is imperative to combat the escalating drug issues effectively.

“From the big bust and thereafter the array of drugs has been in kilograms and not in grams so that shows the rife in trade. There is also a lot of institutional issues that we need to manage.”

Turaga adds that they are working with the Police and other stakeholders before making a decision.

The Attorney General says the government is committed to a long-term and comprehensive solution to bring hope for a safer and healthier future.

He adds that the coming months will reveal the specifics of the proposed plan.