Double celebration for Yabaki family

January 1, 2023 4:12 pm

Following the birth of a healthy baby boy this morning, New Year’s Day has taken on new significance for the Yabaki family of Lami.

Neomai Yabaki named her newborn son Mesake and considers it a blessing to have delivered a healthy baby after her previous attempt resulted in a miscarriage.

“I wanted to thank God almighty for giving me a beautiful son that I’m able to be with on New Year. This is my firstborn after going through a miscarriage. I’m so blessed to have my son”

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Yabaki and her son were both recovering in the delivery ward when FBC News arrived at the CWM Maternity Unit in Suva this morning.

Yabaki says she can’t wait to be released and celebrate her baby’s birth at home with her family.