Cyber hygiene and shared responsibility critical for cybersecurity

June 14, 2024 4:37 pm

Director General of Digital Government Transformation, Tupou Baravilala

Director General of Digital Government Transformation, Tupou Baravilala, emphasizes the critical need to inculcate a culture of cyber hygiene among all stakeholders.

Speaking at the National Conference on Cybercrime and e-Evidence for Prosecutors, Baravilala highlights the importance of collective efforts in bolstering cybersecurity and resilience within communities, schools, and families.

She highlights that the responsibility of enhancing cybersecurity does not rest on a single entity but is a shared duty among various sectors of society.

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“I think it really is a shared responsibility as individuals, is making sure, for instance, when we’re looking at scams, looking twice before we, you know, before we are part with our money.”

Baravilala points out that ensuring agencies are equipped with the necessary tools and robust networks is paramount.

According to the Director General of Digital Government Transformation, one of the greatest pathways in combating cybercrime is ensuring that their agencies have the appropriate tools and secure networks.

Baravilala adds that this involves a comprehensive understanding of the agencies’ needs and priorities, which is crucial for providing targeted support and resources.