Man arrested for attacking an elderly woman

September 25, 2022 12:00 pm

A 26-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly attacking and robbing a 69 year old woman on Friday.

Assistance from Gusuisavu villagers led to the quick arrest of the 26-year-old unemployed man of Kinoya.

Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Khan says the victim was able to overpower the suspect on one occasion when he first entered her house.

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The suspect then allegedly locked her in a closet drawer before ransacking the house.

ACP Khan says a 29-year-old Gusuisavu villager who works for the victim, went to her house when she failed to respond to his calls.

He found the suspect on the victim’s property and with the help of other villagers managed to disarm and apprehend him.

ACP Khan has commended the heroic actions of those who came to the victim’s help.

He adds that by noticing that something was out of the ordinary, the villagers’ response to check on someone they were obviously accustomed to their habits, resulted in the quick arrest.

ACP Khan says such actions underlines the principles of the “Know Your Neighbour” crime prevention campaign.

ACP Khan says the suspect who sustained injuries has been treated and is now in police custody as investigations continue.