State told to prove Kim’s citizenship

April 22, 2024 2:34 pm

Grace Road Fiji President, Daniel Kim

The State has been granted a short but critical window to substantiate claims regarding the citizenship status of Grace Road Fiji President, Daniel Kim.

The matter was called today at the Tagimoucia Court in Lautoka saw prosecutors argue over Kim’s Vanuatu citizenship.

Prosecutors state that they are yet to receive official confirmation from the government of Vanuatu regarding Kim’s citizenship and passport status.

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However, the defence countered the prosecution’s claim with a letter purportedly from the Vanuatu government affirming Kim’s citizenship.

Lawyer Ronald Gordon presented the court with the letter, emphasizing its validity.

Additionally, Gordon told the court that an officer from the Vanuatu Government was reportedly present, ready to corroborate the authenticity of the letter and affirm Kim’s citizenship.

The presiding judge, in light of these developments, granted the State 7days days to compile and submit their response to the court.