Bench warrant issued against parents in manslaughter trial

February 5, 2024 12:44 pm

Laisiasa Rokobici (left) and Ruci Kalokalo

The trial of Ruci Kalokalo and Laisiasa Rokobici, a couple facing charges of manslaughter and unlawfully burying their daughter, took an unexpected turn as they arrived late, prompting the judge to issue a bench warrant.

The couple stands accused of failing to provide necessary medical attention to their seven-year-old child between December and February 2021, resulting in her tragic demise.

Allegations suggest that their failure to act constituted a negligent breach of duty, ultimately leading to their daughter’s untimely death.

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The proceedings this morning were delayed due to the absence of the defendants.

A bench warrant was issued highlighting the seriousness of the legal proceedings and the necessity for the defendants’ timely presence in court.

However, Kalokalo and Rokobici finally arrived later in the morning.

At 2.30pm, the two are scheduled to appear before the court for the bench warrant’s cancellation.

Closing arguments will also be heard this Friday.