Concerns over managing street begging

January 2, 2024 12:52 pm

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Social Protection is facing challenges in managing the growing number of beggars on the streets.

Assistant Minister, Sashi Kiran says despite efforts to help them with income-generating activities, many prefer begging as it seems more profitable.

Kiran also states that they are working closely with non-governmental organizations and other partners to identify and address such cases.

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“One of the beggars said he can make up to $200 a day on the street in Nadi. So it’s harder to remove them from the streets because they do see a lot of economic returns from being on the streets. And it is something that we are concerned about. It’s something we are working on. It’s not the easiest because of the different societal challenges that we are having.”

Assistant Minister for Women, Sashi Kiran

While highlighting that some beggars have families and homes, Kiran is urging families and communities to take more responsibility of their well-being.