Climate Change

Innovation is critical to uplift early warning systems

September 28, 2022 12:10 pm

The innovation will improve early warning systems. [File Photo]

Access to new technology and innovations is critical in an effort to raise the standard of our multi-hazard early warning systems to another level.

Disaster Management Minister, Inia Seruiratu, admits that Fiji lacks these innovations and technologies; partnering with relevant organizations and countries from across the globe is therefore critical.

The Minister also commended the efforts made by two regional countries that have managed to seek support from a reputable institution.

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“Again, this is where the partnership is important. We acknowledged the progress made in Tonga and Samoa with the assistance of the World Bank. And hopefully, these processes and systems and technology can be replicated in other Pacific Island countries as well.”

Seruiratu stresses that another pressing issue is accessing finance.

He, however, states that Fiji has identified its priorities, and there are indications that finance is already available.

The Minister says the onus now rests on them to figure out how to access that finance and the bureaucracy that is involved in climate change adaptation.